Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Digital Photography Book (Paperback) by Scott Kelby Review

I have enjoyed photography as a hobby for 50+years. I own a Canon 20D and am a Scott Kelby fan. He is a great photoshop expert, yet emphasizes the importance of getting the best possible shot when taking the picture, to make your time in photoshop more enjoyable. You don't have to work as hard if you make the correct exposure to begin with. Scott approaches each chapter with some humor, and really understands what you really need is a clear bottom line on how to approach the person or subject you want to photograph. I received my book Sept 4th, read it and used some of his tips shooting 500+ volleyball pictures Sept 5th. I think I can see some improvement in my pictures already. He has equipment recommendations and shooting tips for the person that has just bought a digital camera to the person that uses it to make a living. He has worked alongside of professionals learning tips on how to process the digital photographs and how to best print them. Scott believes photography can be more fun if you get results you like by using some of the basic principles used by professional photographers. I have unhesitatingly recommended this book to several of my friends. This is one of the least expensive camera related purchases that I have made to bring my excitement of photography to a new level. I am quite certain you won't be disappointed, especially if you own a Nikon or Canon digital SLR. I expect my copy to become dog eared from use.


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